Vow Renewal

The-Carondelet-House-vow-renewal-16 Don't you just love vow renewal parties? They are such intimate events for the happy couples and a great chance to crown their love once again and share it with the closest friends and family. Many couples didn't have a big wedding they always dreamed of. So why not have one and celebrate love with a big white rustic vow renewal wedding? This could be the second shot to make a dream come true and realive all those overwhelming feelings from the first time you tied the knot. Say your I do's once again in a romantic, a bit rustic, but yet elegant and heartwarming atmosphere. Here are some vow renewal festivity highlights we want to share with you. The-Carondelet-House-vow-renewal-2 Want to know a little secret? Vow renewals are even more beautiful than weddings. Why? Well, it's a totally relaxed atmosphere, the couple knows each other really well now, there's no stressing over unnecessary things, and it can be simply organized with the closest family members and friends. Check out the isle in the photo above. We love the rustic feeling. It seems so natural, heartwarming, and romantic. There are lots of elements you can bring into the setting like this one . . . The-Carondelet-House-vow-renewal-23 Like these colorful paper love birds! You can hang them on the main entrance or on the windows. Customize simple details like beverages and snacks. Dress up your wine/water bottles with love birds labels to create a better effect. You can even include them in invitations or make them a part of centerpieces. For more ideas on love birds, check out our past blog. The-Carondelet-House-vow-renewal-7 Finally, we couldn't resist falling in love with this amazing cake and cupcake rustic bar! There are vintage cake holders on each shelf and everything is decorated so nicely with custom toppers, tags, and letter printables. Wow! Photo credit: Vow renewal

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