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When your big day comes there are many events that go along side with it... like a Bridal Shower! Well most of the time you have little say in the event, as you are busy planning the big day, you girls know you best let them take some control.

Just a tip: Your shower should almost be a prelude to your big day. It could have similarities in decor or color scheme, but this will help guess gauge what to expect (formal, casual, theme, colors not to wear...).

And since Vintage is so current right now we found this great Vintage peach and mint theme over at The Wedding Chicks

wedding custom labels custom labels

This event may look a little over the top, but it was actually held in the back yard of the mother-of-the-grooms house, and the table settings are plastic from the dollar store! No need to go all out if it still can look this good.

wedding custom labels

Guests were welcome to bring gifts, and so one of the bridesmaids didn't have to run to an from the gift table ever time someone showed up, it was clearly labeled with a cute frame and sign (maybe it was even used at the wedding down the round! Upcycle!)

wedding custom labels

Not only was there a place special for gifts, there was a place special for unwrapping them! How cute, and I just adore the chair! (Notice the wedding date hanging behind it? Just a nice cute reminder!)

2013-09-13_209 wedding custom labels

To me it looks like it was buffet style, food that is easy to pick up and easy to eat (bonus if it is easy to plate, and easy to make!!).

On top of the food there was a Mimosa Bar! The bride said this was almost her favourite thing of the event, and it was a social hot spot. Picture our wedding wine labels there, telling you the flavours, and maybe what it was infused with (Mimosas not your thing? How about lemonade in the summer, or a hot chocolate bar in the winter)?

These Mason Jar Wine Labels keep the vintage feel alive.

wedding custom labels

We just love this theme, and hope you do too!

Congrats on your big day! We would love to see how you use our labels at your events, send us photos!

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