Valentine's Party Highlights

Valentines_Crafting_Party_Overview_Red_Stamp If you are single and not one of those ' We hate Valentine's Day' kind of person, here are some excellent ideas how to make a party for all of your single friends. Now, before you start inviting people and getting a big NO-NO, you may consider a few things. Most of your friends feel depressed about this particular day since most of them had their heart broken and just came out of a long relationship. That is why you need to come up with some great invitations. Send your friends custom candies with a touch of humor and an old saying, The way to someone's heart is through their stomach. One of the best ways to do that is to personalize your favorite snacks and cupcakes.

Valentines day party custom labels

You may also come up with the good way to have your invitations delivered. You can have somebody deliver it to your friends' door or spice it up a bit by delivering them yourself, and when a friend opens their door, just sing your favorite love song.

Now that you have invited them, let's take a look how you can decorate your place and make a perfect setting. How about candles?

Valentines day party custom labels All you need to do is have your candle jars labeled with your friends' names. You should think of a perfect match for each of your friends. Names will come in pairs. And here's the fun part. Each pair will be given a task to complete. Whether it is dancing or singing, this way no one would feel left out and everyone would have a valentine, at least for the night. Since you labeled your snacks and candles, it's time to take care of drinks. Try making some heart shaped ice cubes and make some bottle drinks. Everybody will love those. Berry InfusedIce Valentines day custom labels

Valentines day custom water and bear labelsJust make sure that you do a nice match-up job, and even if that doesn't work out, your friends will still have a blast at your party and enjoy some well costumed snacks and drinks.

Have a blast and Happy Valentine's Day! Photo credit: Red Stamp Team Zadovoljna Randy Ready Pammejo The Thinking Closet Kara's Party Ideas