Sunshine Baby Shower

Sunshine-Baby-Shower Let the sun shine for a couple of more weeks before it all ends and it starts to rain. Celebrate your special moments in summer style and throw the best sunshine baby shower with lots of laugh and positive thinking for the baby-to-come and mommy-to-be. Yay! Want to know how? Well, in just a several simple steps and couple of creative ideas of your own. Setting up a real sunshine atmosphere should not be hard at all, indoor or outdoor. Use the beautiful sun beams to lighten the space and decorate it with creative chic paper pom-poms. Here's a step by step guide on how to make tissue pom-poms. You can make them in white or yellow to brighten up the festive venue. Hang them on the walls or attach them to the curtains. They'll look great either way. Keep all the other details gender-neutral and theme-matching. To add a personal touch to every single detail, check out what we have in store for you. Cupcake-Toppers-Wrappers Use cupcake toppers to express your love and friendship for the mom-to-be. Sunshine toppers will go great with white and yellow cupcake frostings. Another awesome idea would be to have all of your guests' names tagged on cups, glasses, and even plates. That way you don't have to worry about the seating and your guests will keep track of their glasses a lot easier until the end of the party. And if you need more tagging for other yummy treats and drinks, do check out our offer on tags, jar labels, baby month stickers, and water bottle labels. We've got all you need to make this baby shower shine bright! For more ideas on sunshine baby shower, follow the link. Happy baby shower planning and let us know how it all went! Photo credit:

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