Romantic Grey and Pink Wedding

Pink-and-Grey-Polka-Dot-Wedding-Dasha-Caffrey-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-23 We love weddings and everything wedding-related! That's why we can't resist bringing you these sweet ideas how to turn the most important day into a fairytale. If you don't want a specific theme for your wedding, why not simply turn it into a romantic and elegant ceremony? All you need to do is to combine colors you like into a wonderful wedding color palette, just like this couple did for their romantic grey and pink wedding. Check out these super romantic bride and groom chairs decorated with pale pink avalanche roses, baby's breath, and grey foliage. You can use these flowers as centerpieces for all the tables and it will look charming, yet simple. The bride and the groom can also incorporate pink and grey into their wedding dress or suit, respectively. Groomsmen could wear grey suits, and bridesmaids could wear pink dresses with silver shoes. il_570xN.515785743_syci As for refreshments, you can have a three-course sit down meal (if you want to make it a bit formal) or you can have loads of finger foods and different dishes being served throughout the night. Choose light music to be played while your guests enjoy treats and mingle in between meals. To add a nice personal touch to your wedding beverages, have all the bottles of champagne and wine labeled in the theme colors. You can choose an elegant design and have your names, initials and/or the big date imprinted. Cheers! Pink-and-Grey-Polka-Dot-Wedding-Dasha-Caffrey-Photography-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-6 Finally, don't let your guests leave empty-handed. Small favors like these cute labeled little jam jars tied with light grey ribbon will make everyone happy. Since kids are not a big fan of jam, you can fill their jars with jelly beans. For more jam jar labels, check out our offer here. Credits: Bridal Musings

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