Mustache Full Moon Celebration

img_0001_standardSome people enjoy celebrating every little step of their baby's life. If you're one of them and want to throw a celebration for your little one who's about to turn one month, then you're going to love these mustache full moon celebration ideas we found for you. Full moon or one month old party is really special to both parents (to share the love and joy for their little one) and guests since it's an opportunity to see the baby again (or for the first time). Guests can take photos with the baby, share an advice or two, and wish him/her all the best. To give your party style and a fun touch, add a theme. We adore this mustache party favors because they are so fun and sweet (in case of a baby boy). The colors fit in perfectly. You can decorate the setting with a large baby name banner, or even hang around baby's photos. A candy bar is a must! Candies, cakes, cupcakes and refreshments should all be theme-related. Check out these three adorable mustache party favors that will help you create the perfect setting. img_2390_standard Mustache candy wrappers! How cute! These ones were specially created for little Mr. Hugo. Look how wonderfully they match the theme colors: white, blue, and silver. Here at iCustomLabel you can find a variety of similar candy labels in which you can wrap your favorite chocolates. You will love them and your guests will definitely adore them. You can even fill little jars with them and use them as thank-you gifts. img_2386_standard Wet your whiskers with water! These water bottle labels were made in several similar mustache designs with the same note. Each bottle was tied around with a blue silk ribbon into a cute little bow. Water makes great refreshing drinks and keeps everyone well hydrated, and the bottles make perfect material to personalize. img_2417_standard Finally, give your guests a chance to wish something for the little celebration baby. Print enough themed cards and display them on a table. You can attach a string to the wall and have the guests hang their notes using cloth clips. That way everyone could read what the others wrote, and it would look great and stylish at the same time! You could save the cards in a memory book and display them again in a year or two to see if any of the wishes came true. Credits: Catch My Party

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