Mother's Day Brunch Party Ideas

custom mother's day ideasMother's Day is almost here again - and today we're putting the spotlight on the moms who do so much for us for so little recognition. Flowers, chocolates and cards are great - but sometimes moms deserve a little bit more. Or, maybe, you have a large family and lots of moms get together every year to spend the day together. Consider throwing a Mother's Day Brunch Party to recognize the women who gave birth to you, your children, your cousins and your friends! We have some great ideas to help you get the ball rolling - with our customized twist (of course). brunch-mothers-day-party Mother's Day Juice & Bagel Bar Party Idea This is a fun - and super easy - way to bring some extra pizazz to mom's special day. Get a variety of fresh bagels, cream cheeses (try veggie, blueberry, strawberry varieties) - and toppings like lox or hummus - to offer lots of options. Bring a variety of tasty juices to bring the feel of a spa luncheon to your brunch - raspberry, acai, coconut water and fresh-squeezed orange juice are all excellent choices. If you're up to it and you've got a good blender, go ahead and set up a smoothie bar for a real 'wow' factor! custom water bottles Mother's Day Brunch Party Details Be sure to offer a selection of other beverages - water bottles, coffee and tea - for moms to enjoy. Pay attention to the details - small touches like these customized water bottles can really dress up your event and make it one to photograph and cherish.mother's day wine bottle customized Mother's Day Brunch Party Spirit Depending on your crowd, you may want to add some - ahem - extra holiday spirit to the occasion. Drinks like mimosas or sangria are fine choices for a brunch - so are customized wine bottles that mark the special day while bringing an extra level of class to the event. Photo Credits: Juice Bar Bagel Party Custom Water Bottles Custom Wine Bottle

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