Minnie for the little miss?

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Who doesn't love Minnie Mouse?!

This party, found over at Karas Party Ideas, pulls together the simplicity of polka dots and black ears. Can it get any cuter? We didn't think so either until we saw some of the super adorable treats!

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Upside down cake pops with ears, daisy flower pot treats, and polka dot cookies in classic minnie colours! I wouldn't want to eat anything at this party, to cute. These treats are super easy to make and can be made in pink and white instead of red if your little miss likes pink Minnie more. We are all about flexibility.

minnie-28 Custom Labels ideas minnie Custom Labels ideas minnie

This party also had some neat, super easy, DIY favours! How about the cute boxes that you could put anything on it. Or the custom made pencil holders that roll up, couple stitches and you are on you way to making your own favours. I love the idea of down sizing the chocolate bar size and using our Mickey Mouse Nugget Labels! Bite size and perfect!

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Look at all these additional decorations that were thought of! The bush, the candy shoes, and more. You cannot go wrong with Disney and even more so if it is Minnie or Mickey Mouse (easy way to make it a boys party). I know as an adult I would still love this party!

Have you used our custom labels at one of your parties? Let us see how! Send us pictures for a chance to be featured on the blog!

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