Little Pumpkin Party

454df5fb861b3a9f1e672f6a80a1f81a Whether you're welcoming a new baby into your family or you're excited about celebrating your little one's first birthday, celebrating around holiday season can be so fun! With Halloween around the corner, we think that it might just be the perfect theme for your birthday/baby shower party. So why are we so excited about this particular theme? Two words: little pumpkins! The cutest party props are so hard to find year round, so use this season's goodies to throw the best little pumpkin party ever! Get creative with different shapes and colors. Yes, we're mad about the pumpkin orange, but we also think soft peppermint and mint green look amazing combined with different orange and yellow shades. Plus, it's so easy to combine it all. If your cupcakes are orange, just dress them up with mint green toppers. If your drink labels are orange, spice them up with mint green straws. Piece of cake! 466fdb53ac7fd840961a5a4127f89ccb Check out these adorable milk bottle drinks! Aww! We're in love with them. Milk bottles go hand in hand with baby showers or first birthday parties. And they will beautifully accompany the little pumpkins which you can use as centerpieces. And guess what? We've prepared a bunch of holiday bottle labels which you can use for the special occasion. You can also adjust them according to your taste and needs. Just follow the link and then the instructions on how to create your very own labels. camo-01_2 Need more custom labels? How about these lovely baby month stickers?! They're perfect for baby showers and you can have them designed in accordance to the Halloween theme. 8b48243d1ff4b4e429f478c25df2be88 And finally the yummy part! Real pumpkin treats for real holiday lovers-pumpkin cupcakes. Pick matching theme colors for cupcake frostings and toppers. Serve these delicious bites on cake/cupcake holders alongside carved pumpkins. You can make a separate dessert station or just pile them up in the center of the setting. Either way, they will be loved! Photo credit: One Charming Party

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