It is a Magical Day!


So why not a magical theme! Harry Potter is huge! Even now, after all the books and movies have come to an end, and the magical world of Hogwarts is still very much alive.


This party is all about the super cute details... invitations in the form of acceptance letters from Dumbledore, 'sorting' friends while they come threw the door... You could take this party in so many different directions!! Make the colors in the theme the ones of your favourite house!


It would also be great to provide props to your guests. Glasses, wands, and scarfs are just a few helpful ideas. Or go all out and have everyone dress up as their favourite person, professors included!

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This party, that we found at We Heart Parties, thinks of all the little details. Even to in the books or movies they didn't eat lightning bolt themed cookies, we don't think your guests will turn them down! I wouldn't.

_DSC2241_8022e8ce-cca4-4728-9ad0-7ed8d2fe4f49 _DSC2242_54229e41-5312-4566-be82-31027804dc3b _DSC2249_263d9204-bbb2-47b8-a584-a8eb71644675

Now here is one of our favorite parts, the super cute labels! You could check out our site and design your own super cute labels, or browse our wide selection! We love the scroll look, but vintage would fit, as well as different colors. So many choices!

_DSC2252_4575f2bc-8a89-430d-98ac-bef73f266798 _DSC2271_0e4e6604-6a3f-4c03-ae54-215f23c25856 _DSC2300_20754920-1015-41a5-8014-885c8e86fce7

The details of this party make it! We can tell that they are fans of Gryffindor, but it doesn't mean you have to be! It makes simple food look like a weekend in hogsmeade and makes every adult want to turn 11 again!

Used our labels before? We would just LOVE to see what you used them for! Email us some photos and a couple sentence and you may be featured on our blog!

Vendor 1: Cake and Cupcakes by Chef A Vendor 2: Cookies by Sweet Treats by Martie Vendor 3: Concept/Styling & Photography by A&K Lolly Buffet