Holiday Wine Party

holidaywineandcraftparty-44 Sigh. Don't you just love that holiday season is near? We are so excited about spending those special moments with our family and friends. And what better way of doing that than celebrating in style and hosting a holiday wine party! The colors that are in trend again are gold and metallics. In the spirit of the following season you'll be given a chance to do lots of do-it-yourself projects. So prepare scissors, glue, and plenty of gold leaves which you can use to decorate party glassware. You can even use gold stripes to decorate frames like in the photo above. Just get creative! This party theme is ideal for all kind of events-wedding reception, bridal showers, holiday celebration, or even holiday office parties. We bet you can already see yourself sipping on wine and listening to relaxing and cheerful holiday tunes. holidaywineandcraftparty-83 Wine, wine, wine and then some more! You're going to need lots of it. Creating a large wine tasting station might sound scary, but it's actually really simple. Just gold and metallic, remember? Funny holiday wine labels are way to go! They will personalize the party and give a nice touch to all beverages. Plus, you can use the bottles as centerpieces. Keep everything festive and fun, and don't go totally wasted. Hangover sucks! 51a6ad9a701cb9d933fa4f5dda3b4687 Can't have a tasting party without cheese! Purchase as many types as you can so that your guests could taste different wines with different flavors of cheese (you can also find out what cheese pairs best with what wine and serve the two together). Happy holiday party planning! Photo credits: Inspired by This