Girl's Baptism Party

Christening-Theme-Party-Ideas Congrats on your little princess baby girl! Welcoming her into this world must be joyful for all of you. And now it's time to welcome her into your faith, as well. Planning a modest and respecting girl's baptism party can be a real joy, if you allow yourself to be creative and personalize small, but very important details of this big event. Such a big ceremony deserves a themed reception, so choose wisely and pick a theme that says a lot about your little girl, but also matches to her new name and the spirit of Christianity. You can host the party in a church or at a different location after the ceremony. Just make sure to state that clearly on the invitations you plan to send out. All that can be overwhelming (we know!). That is why we'll make it easy on you with these special baby girl's labels that will add a nice touch to the entire event and make it even more special. 10649645_851271368230189_426892721784396644_n We recently made absolutely stunning wine bottle labels (like the one above) for Bee Gonzalez and her daughter's baptism party. She was super excited when she received her labels and honestly how could anyone resist the pro level of cuteness seen in the label above?! You can have similar labels made for wine/mini wine bottles, water bottles or mason jars in which you can serve drinks. But that's not all! owl_pink-01_3 Check out what we have in store just for you: baby month stickers! These can be cleverly used in any baby-related party (baby showers, birthdays, and definitely baptism parties). They can even come in handy in creating a personalized gift for the happy parents. And don't forget cupcakes! Dress them up with cute baptism toppers that your guests are sure to love! Happy labeling, everyone! Photo credit: Baptism party

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