Fun and Simple Wedding Accessories

1Planning for a wedding is a big job. Not only do you have to worry about the details like dresses and rehearsals, there are smaller things that are just as important. These include the decorations all the way down to the minutest accessories. Stressing over this won't solve the problem, yet it's definitely a job that calls for some attention to detail. If you're planning for a wedding, you can benefit from a few stress free, fun and simple accessories in your design theme. Customized Place Cards When you're planning the guest seating area, one simple way to make sure that everyone gets were they need to be is by using customized place cards. If you want your designs to really stand out, you could use a number of different labels to add your guest's names. Try customizing wine labels and adding them to the cards. This can give them an elegant look, and make the event really unique. Many people use wine labels for wedding accessories, and this is definitely an idea that's not only practical, but fun to implement. Table Decorations 2When you're deciding how to dress the tables, it's always best to start with your paper crafts. Aside from the custom place cards, you can also add small announcements cards with a bit of information about the bride and groom. This can include something like where you met, or your wedding vows to each other. You can also use this opportunity to even further customize the announcement cards with labels. Depending on the size of the paper, it could be ideal to use wine labels for wedding announcement cards in this manner. The main thing will be to make sure that the font and colors aren’t too bold, and match with the other decor in the room. Adding fun and simple wedding accessories to your tables, and throughout your wedding event can be an enjoyable project. Whether you're using wine labels for wedding accessories, or other types of paper decorations, your main goal should be to take care of the small details in a simple fashion. Always plan ahead by purchasing a few more materials than you need, and do a test run of all your wedding design ideas to make sure the results will be the way you envisioned them.

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