Fun Adoption Party Ideas & Tips

adoption party ideas themeAre you welcoming a new son or daughter into your family? Congratulations! What a wonderful occasion - and we wish you absolutely all the best. Your adoption party is a wonderful way to welcome your new little one into your family and community. It is a display of love, warmth and hope of all of the beautiful things to come for all of you. They don’t sell adoption themed party sets in stores (yet) and no one adoption is alike - so it only makes sense that you might want to put a personalized twist on the big event. Let’s take a look at some adorable ideas to incorporate into your party!

Adoption Party Tip One: Pick a Theme superhero-adoption-theme-party Pick a theme and go with it. For older kids, highlight their interests! Does your new daughter love princesses? By all means - make it the most spectacular fairy princess party in the world. Does your new little boy love legos? Let go and go crazy with the legos! Celebrate the unique individual that your little one surely is. Are you adopting a little tike? Still - pick a unifying theme to tie the joyous event together. For example, you could focus on the idea of family and celebrate with a family tree theme. You could choose the idea of karma flags - which mean well wishes and protection - and have your guests make their own karma flags for your little one’s nursery (or scrapbook).

Adoption Party Tip Two: Include Your Guestsadoption themed cake Your guests are joining you to toast your future - and wish your little one well as they start their new lives in your family. How awesome is that? Celebrate your guests by including them. Encourage them to write letters to your child in a book that you will always keep. Have disposable cameras available for your guests to use as inspiration hits them. Have you ever seen those beautiful family trees composed out of thumb prints - for weddings, etc? Make a Family & Friends tree and have everyone contribute their unique thumb print. Oh - and be sure to make a toast to everyone for attending (it really does take a village, doesn’t it?).

Adoption Party Tip Three: Encourage Gift Givinggifts for adoption party Yes - really! We live in age when gift giving is - sometimes - frowned upon. I say: that’s silly! Let your friends and family shower your little one with gifts, fun and love. Gifts don’t have to be material - but encourage your family and friends to get creative and bring a whole lot of warmth to your event.

Adoption Party Tip Four: Tie in Your Child’s Heritage cake adoption party culture If your new son or daughter isn’t from America, it’s a wonderful idea to highlight the great things about their heritage. Look up a special recipe, dessert, drink or - even - a type of pattern that is unique to the country they are leaving to start their life with you. Include the flag from your child's country of origin! It will be a wonderful center point for your child to see in the photo album they will surely look through in just a few short years!

Adoption Party Tip Five: Customize & Personalizea custom adoption party There just isn’t much in the way of adoption party supplies on the market. That’s ok: customization looks way better anyway than pre-bought store items. At iCustomlabel, we get that you may need unique items for your unique life events - and that’s just what we do. We've got lots of "Create Your Own" options - and we can work with you to get your design just so. We offer everything from beautiful cupcake toppers to goody bags and customized candles. Check out what we do as we’d love to help you customize and personalize your adoption party.


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