Family Reunion Party Ideas

Portrait Of Multi Generation Family MealKnock, knock! Guess who's there-your whole family! Don't freak out. Springtime is perfect for family reunions, or at least for planning one. Hosting a family reunion party is a difficult thing to do, but also seeing your relatives altogether and enjoying catching up with everyone is way to precious. Yes, you're going to spend your money, time, and probably a lot of nerves to enjoy it, but it'll be worth it. Family reunions can take up to one year ahead to plan everything. But sometimes it's manageable to pull it out in just a month or two. So if you decided to host your family this spring or summer, better start planning today! Here are some essential family reunion party ideas and tips to follow. #1 Think who, when, and where! First thing's first: make a list of guests. You need to decide how many people you can host and how much the party will cost. It would be best if you could invite everyone, so that no one feels left out. Once you write down all the names, it's time to send out emails and make some calls. Ask everyone how they feel about your idea and find out when everyone would be able to come. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. People with children will probably tell you their children can't skip school, so plan your party during school holidays and definitely on a weekend. Once you set the big date, think where you're going to host that entire crowd. You're going to need a lot of extra space for people who will stay longer than a weekend. Maybe some of your cousins in town can host some of the guests too. When it comes to the party itself, check the weather forecast and make sure sunny days are to come. Why? Well, these kinds of parties are better hosted outside in the yard, rather than inside. If your yard is big enough, that's a plus. Put out as many tables and chairs you will need and make sure you have enough plates, knives, and forks. But don't worry if you can't host it outside. You can just as well make a perfect reunion setting inside your house. Move some stuff around the house to make space and that's it. #2 Decorate! ss_101590933 You can decorate the yard with family memories like photos. Hang them around on sticks or tree branches. We love the idea of making a big family tree using a few sticks, some string, and colored cards. This one could be a together activity, as well. Ask everyone to help. Kids will especially enjoy it. Decorate the tables with a few personalized candles with family photos and a few flower arrangements in jars. You don't have to worry much about details like tablecloths or napkins. After all, there will be a lot of spilling and food mess that no one will notice. You can just have them all in the same color, or combine similar colors to get an ideal setting. #3 Food! When it comes to food, only two options are guaranteed to work-barbecue and potluck. Cooking food for so much people would be sanity. Rather, have all the men amuse themselves over a barbecue and have all the rest female members bring a dish to be shared with other guests. That way, you will have enough food for everyone and everyone can enjoy their favorite meals. Don't forget to include a candy or a cupcake buffet. You can even make a cupcake family tree to eat. Dress up your treats with cupcake toppers and candy labels to match the party theme. #4 Drinks! label-beer-reunion01 Nothing better to go along with grilled food than beers. You can personalize them using cute beer labels. Think of something fun and meaningful and design your own labels here at iCustomLabel. Your family will love it. label-reunion01 And check out these awesome family water bottle labels! Don't you just love the idea? These drinks can be served to everyone, especially kids. Labels are easy to apply and will stick through the party. The bottles will make such nice memories, as well. Design your own water bottle labels here. #5 Games and activities! july2011familyreunionSurely you can't have your guests sit through the party. Plan games and activities all the guests can enjoy. We're thinking treasure hunt, water balloon dodge ball, storytelling, pictionary and any of the rope games. Don't forget to play 'Who's the baby' game. Collect all the pictures of your family members as babies and have the youngest guess who is who. Have fun everyone and don't forget to enjoy the precious moments with your family! Credits: Family Reunions Branch Out Party411 Reunion Games

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