Every Holiday has a Kids Table!

thanksgiving-party-mAs much as we don't always admit it, there is a reason why we put the kids at their own table during the holidays.... adult time. Ever consider doing it for kid time? Well this next Thanksgiving article will make the kids beg to be "put to the kids table"...I would consider sitting with them at the fun filled table too!

Not only does the food and colour scheme look fun but this table goes the extra mile and makes sitting down look fun! With colouring sheets, thankful lists and cute decor that is! We are already thanking Moms and Munchkins for this theme and its not even Thanksgiving yet!


Average table setting? I don't think so! Look at the corn shaped kettle corn, the turkey coloring sheets and the totally kid friendly (and no dishwasher required) dishes! We love how simple this is at such a crazy holiday (less dishes the better right?)!

thanksgiving-activity-m thanksgiving-banner-m

Some of our favourite things at this table? What about the Thankful list! I have been to many thanksgiving where this is spoken around the table, but what about helping the kids be apart of it and then hanging it up for all to see? Cute idea, and a even cuter keepsake!


Another one of our favourite things? Check out the apple shaped cake pops! Bite size, so there is no cutting needed, very little clean up and they are super adorable!

Personally i am picture adding some of our labels to cups, maybe the mason jar crayon holders, and to label the dishes on the buffet! I mean our labels are so versatile why not!

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