Down the Rabbit Hole...

Alice (3)

Who didn't love the movie Alice in Wonderland? Even the newer version is fantastic. And it seems to be a theme that is trending this fall. I know I personally just hosted a Un-Birthday Down the Rabbit Hole for my birthday this past summer. Just before the trend!

We found this un-birthday over at The Tom Kat Studio!

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This tread is being used for wedding showers, birthdays, even actually weddings! The bright colors and mismatched dish wear effect makes this party any thrifty shoppers dream! I had a blast collecting mismatched teacups from thrift stores, garage sales, and friends.

Alice (18)

Make sure your table looks like Chaos! Paper Lanterns are a MUST! and even better if you can provide you guests chairs, stools, or cushions at all different heights! Need more detail? Google is a place to start, or have a girls night and rewatch the movie!

Alice (9)

Look at these lush flowers and cute table settings... don't want to do real flowers? or just don't have the option to? Go to your nearest dollar store and grab any fake flowers you can get your hands on. Make sure they don't match at all tho! Go even a step further and glue goggly eyes on them.. everything is alive in wonderland!!

cupcakes tea cup

These labels are super cute, tho ours would look just as fantastic with this party. Check out our brightly colored peacock labels.

Alice (17)

We just love everything about this party!! The snacks, the books, the flowers, the bright colors! Who wants to travel to wonderland with me?

Used any of our labels before? Let us see how! Send us photos and you may just be fettered on our blog!

Photographer :: Laura Winslow (Gilbert) Tablescape Styling/Accessories & Party Goods :: The TomKat Studio (Chandler) Cupcakes & Cookies :: Decadent Delights (Gilbert) Poms, Lanterns, Napkins, Cups & Paper Plates :: Polka Dot Market Flowers :: Zuzu’s Petals (Mesa) Hair Accessories :: Dolce Vita Mia (Gilbert) Tutus :: Tiny Belles Boutique