Double Baby Shower Ideas

DSC_0030 If you're welcoming twins to your family (a boy and a girl) or you're in charge of planning a baby shower for two best friends, then you need lots of cute and chic double baby shower ideas, right? No worries, there's lots of space for incorporating blues and pinks at the same time and coming up with the right theme, e.g. Welcoming Baby Angels! iPhone Image F21A7A To invite guests to a double baby shower, you need to state that clearly in your invitations. Invitations could be printed in both versions, pink and blue. Include the names of both mommas and give a hint of what the dressing code should be. Keep it though simple and light, just like the little two angels that are about to come. DSC_0014 Sweet, sweet, sweet! Mini blue and pink cupcakes with the cutest toppers ever! These are definitely a must have at any baby shower. You can order cupcakes in your local bakery and then just dress them up with cupcake toppers. Toppers could include babies' names or initials, cute photos or sayings. Besides cupcakes, your dessert buffet could include candies in jars, a big cake (or two in this case), lollipops, and cookies. Oh, and do check our offer on baby shower candy labels-you'll fall in love with them! DSC_0017 Finally, you'll need a bunch of refreshing drinks including lemonade, fruity beverages, and water. Personalize all of your bottle drinks with themed water bottle labels. You can have half of them labeled "It's a boy", and the other half "It's a girl". Labels with two sweet angels are adorable, as well. Hope some of these ideas help you! We'll leave activity and game planning to you and your creativeness. Happy baby shower planning! Photo credit: Welcoming Baby Angels

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