Disney Princess Dream Party

disney-princess-party-hwtmDo you have a little princess wishing for a birthday dream party? Princess theme party never gets old-fashioned. Tiaras, Disney dress, fairytale cake-what more could your little girl wish for? Here are the ways to make your little one's dreams come true and prepare a breathtaking party.

Sparkling invitations

Princess_Star_invite Custom LabelsUse your imagination to make sparkling invitations. Make sure to use lively princess colors like pink and to include a lot of twinkling stars. This would give your guests an inside of what you have planned for the party.

Toddlers and tiaras dressYou want the dress to wow the guests. Just find one that is fluffy, shiny and with a lot of pearls. You may do some stitching and sewing, but it's worth it. Add it up with a tiara that matches the dress. Don't forget real lady's shoes. They need to be shiny and light. Your girl should already feel like a real princess. Include boys nightgoodieinflateinside_op_465x369Don't forget to include boys into your princess party. Their costumes shouldn't be hard to find. Princes with crowns or shiny knights with swords? Either way they will look charming. Royal lunch princess-party-lunch-ideasAll the party kids will love the Disney dishes. Find the forks with shiny elements or just create your own. All you need is a tube of glue and some pearls. Remember to serve different shaped and colored foods that fit the birthday party theme. Older kids can eat just about anything but that doesn't work for small ones. Anything that you plan to offer needs to be cut into small pieces. Make tea sandwiches and spaghetti with butter or cheese. Cinderella cupcakes cinderella-cupcakesOh, those sweet creamy stuffed cupcakes! Cinderella's favorites. Making creamy cupcakes should be easy. But keep in mind that they will be served to kids and you may want to avoid sugar and additives. To make it more fun, order princess cupcake toppers and create real fairy tale treats. Princess sparkler

Custom LabelsHere's an awesome way to prepare refreshing princess drinks. Just fill up the cups with bottled water and add some lavender or rose flavored sugar. And how about flavored ice cubes in different shapes and rainbow colors? Kids would love that!

Dreams come true fae4d4b6097d89a00acd2db0985019daWe've come to the most important part of the party. The most special moment for your little girl-her birthday cake with her favorite fairy tale characters. Sparkleicious and yummy! It's time to make a birthday wish and make a dream come true. Photo credit: Sparkly Princess, Cupcakes Party Invitations Toddlars & Tiaras Drinks Cakecentral

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