Custom Labels For Your Party!


Do you have a special event coming up? Want to make your party unforgettable and memorable? Do you need help with ideas? No worries, you're at the right place. We've got three words for you: label your party! Every party needs custom labels because that's what makes it personalized. Your guests want to feel more than welcomed. You need to connect with them and share some of your personal thoughts through photos or notes. Labeled parties rock! Here are several labeling tips that will take your party to a pro level.

#1 Label your drinks!

bridesmaid wine labels

Want to throw a party for your ladies and ask them to be your bridesmaid? What better way than custom wine bottle labels with pictures and the big question?! You can label any drink at any of your parties. Just think of something special and memorable that will make your guests smile once they open the bottle of the finest liquor. Here at iCustomLabel you can design your own custom labels or you can choose from any that are already in offer.

It's also popular to serve mini bottle drinks at special events, so you may want to try that out, as well. Check out our offer on mini bottle labels or choose a design of your own.

If your party includes the youngest, there's no reason not to label their drinks too.

custom water bottle labels

Water bottle labels come cozy at your kids' birthday parties, baby showers or casual family reunions. You can match these custom labels to any material or shape of water bottles. They are so easy to apply and remove and will certainly be party hits.

#2 Label your cupcakes, and candies!

cupcake topper

No party without delicious cupcakes, right? These treats fit any occasion and you can make them from fun to elegant using specially designed toppers. You can play with the design and patterns, colors, and font.

Think how many toppers you need and have them custom made. Leave all the rest to our team and we'll ship them to your address in a blink of an eye. Once they're in your hands, decorate the cupcakes and create a cupcake buffet or simply pile them up. They will be loved by your guests.

custom rehearsal dinner favors

To personalize your party some more, try out custom candy labels. Dress up your Hershey Kisses or Nuggets, or even hard candies like peppermints. You can serve your favorite chocolates in big bowls or jars, or even send them out as thank-you gifts.

#3 Label your candles and gifts!

personalized candles

Personalized candles make such lovely and caring gifts. They also add a personal touch to any atmosphere or occasion. Several of these placed on party tables will light up the party and fill the room with wonderful scents. Candle labels are durable and long-lasting so you don't have to worry about them peeling off. They will stick through until the candles burn out.

So, start planning and place your order today. Happy labeling, everyone!!