Candy Themed Bridal Shower

candythemedbridalshower_1 Is there anyone out there who doesn't like candy? Of course not! Well, you're going to adore these candy themed bridal shower ideas that we found on MS Weddings. If you have been chosen to throw a bridal shower and know that the bride-to-be adores both pink and candies, then hold on because you're about to enter the biggest candy shop ever. A little warning though-you can't mention any of the words related to weight or calories at the party. This one is a stress- and weight-free event. We're bringing you five party essentials that will make the bridal shower rock! 1. Candy invitations! invite026-sum11mwd107286_hd Well, here's an invitation you can eat. Pink strawberry chocolate bars wrapped into personalized candy labels-absolutely great way to invite guests. You can have the couple's initials imprinted in chocolate bars. As for labels, have them in pink and include the party details. If you need help with designing, our team would love to help. Just let us know! Also, if you decide to use different chocolates, check out our offer on Hershey Kisses, Nuggets, and hard candy labels! 2. Candy bar! mosaic018-sum11mwd107286_hd There's no candy party without a candy bar. Create your own candy display and use a big table to create a candy buffet. Think about how many guests you'll have and how many candies to serve. The more types of candy, the better. We were blown off our feet by this one! favring019-sum11mwd107286_hd This pop ring favor is just way too adorable and precious. You can have these custom made and wrapped for each and every guest of yours. They look like cheeky crown jewels and will fit right on every girl's finger. Besides candy rings, you can have all the maids of honor wear pink candy necklaces-that way they'll feel honored and separated from all the other guests. 3. Candy alike treats! candythemedbridalshower_2 French fries in glassine bags and caviar ring shaped crackers will fit great into the theme. Just think miniature and you can't go wrong with the food. You can have a caterer prepare all the mini goods like mini burgers, mini mac and cheese, or mini sandwiches. Serve the food on pink plates and have them personalized with bride-to-be drawings or her personal thoughts. 4. Candylicious cupcakes! cupcake008-sum11mwd107286_vert There's no easy way to separate cupcakes from candies-and why should you?! You can enjoy both, just make sure they fit nicely into the setting. Personalize cupcakes using iCustomLabel cupcake toppers. Create pink sketches of the couple or simply use their photo to incorporate into a pink design. They will look adorable! 5. Sweet drinks! servdrink024-sum11mwd107286_hdpinkmartini016-sum11mwd107286_hd Now that you've personalized every detail of the bridal shower, you want to make sure all the drinks are personalized, as well. Serve lemonade in pretty glasses and decorate them with candy or lollipop drawings. You can attach the sketches to pink straws. And check out the cute bubble-gum cocktails above. They are a mixture of vodka, banana and melon liqueurs. Those will be true refreshments to the party. Serve them in fine glasses and make sure there are enough pink napkins for guests to use. You can also have mini bottle drinks served in front of every guest. Just use personalized bottle labels with cute sketches as seen above. Have fun! Credits: Martha Stewart Weddings Hostess with the Mostess

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