Ask Your Groomsmen!

pink-groomsmen-socksYeap. They're your buddies. Your best boys who have been there for your through all. And now you want them to stand by your side as you say the big YES. But you're not asking them just that. The role of a groomsman is much more than smiling and looking goods. They are going to be ushers, helpers, organizers and who knows what more. That's why you need to give them credit and find the perfect way to pop the question. Something manly, something fun and memorable. We've got the perfect ask your groomsmen gift: personalized drinks! 3c103b1192059d3ba4a0fbc3da15e9cc Are your guys into beers? Then stop right here. Here's how to make the whole thing casual and really surprise your boys. Have them over to your place for a game or a simple hang out. Make sure everything looks pretty much the same as usual and once you offer them a drink, pull out these little personalized beers. The shock effect guaranteed! These labels are so easy to design and we can totally help you create the perfect ones with special personal notes just for your mates. They will be wowed, dude! If you're into more elegant event, no worries. Book your favorite restaurant and have them all meet you there for dinner. Relaxed chit chat, delicious meal, and then bang! The waiter brings several personalized bottles of the finest and strongest drinks to your table. Alrighty right! Not only you're going to make them happy, but also very veeery drunk. img_1202 The finest drinks for the finest gentlemen. These ones really show appreciation. You can include their names, the big date and even their roles and duties on the labels. Don't worry, these labels will stick on through the entire night . . . not so sure about the guys though. Now, this will all work if you're friends live near you. What about your besties living outside the city? Well, we've got you covered. No reason not to share a bottle of joy with them too. Just buy a bottle of his favorite drink and remove the label that came with it. Stick on the new label. If you don't want to go through removing and sticking process, just use a gift tag or a sticker. It will work just as well. best_manWrap it up nicely and put it into a wooden box. Send it to your groomsman's address and wait for an answer. As easy as that. If you have any trouble with choosing the right label or designing your own, let us know. And keep us posted how it all went. Good luck! Credits: Groomsmen Beer Labels Jack bottles Ask Groomsmen