Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower

img_5419 Begin at the beginning and go until you come to the end. Then stop. Yes, we're all a bit mad here! But it's perfectly fine because we're in the Wonderland. Oh my, just think of all the little details you might include into your party, especially if you're hosting an Alice in Wonderland baby shower. This is the kind of party which can be held both indoors and outdoors (what a relief!). All you need to do is to make it as colorful and as cheerful as the welcoming of a new baby can be! Yay! Colorful tea cups, cute silver fork and knives, pink tablecloths with white flowers as centerpieces will do great. You can print out the favorite quotes of the mom-to-be and frame them. Place them around the tables and watch as they bring smiles to other people's faces. img_0073 il_570xN.643559824_ignm Eat me and you'll shrink, eat me again and you'll grow. That's right! You need lots of fun candy wrappers and cupcake toppers to spice up the party and make it real. Add that personal touch to little details and enjoy these sweet yummy treats in the company of your girls. You can serve the candies and cupcakes alongside different types of tea or display them in custom jars or on cake holders. Play along and do what best fits the event. And do check our offer on baby month stickers! They are super cute and unique and can be easily incorporated in any theme. img_5415 You'll be needing lots of refreshment drinks at the party so please go mad about these awesome 'Drink me' water bottle labels. You can use the same ones for mini bottle drinks. Serve the bottled drinks with glasses or with colorful straws and cute custom tags. They will be adored! Oh and one final tip: do wear a hat! Tik tak, off we go! Photo credits: Amanda in Wonderland