Adult Birthday Party Planning Tips

105668-849x565-PartyGroup Need a step-by-step guide on how to throw the best rocking or simply casual birthday party? Struggling to choose the right theme? There are a variety of birthday themed ideas you can choose from to get you planning for a memorable birthday. However, a fruitful themed birthday requires good preparation. Some of the essential things to consider including are the menu, decorations, the theme of your choice and costumes to create the perfect party ambience. Before you settle for a specific theme, deliberate on each option to ensure you find a practical idea that you can work with. For example, when setting up a ‘50s theme party, charity stores are a great source for costumes and old ornaments and furnishings –all which can create a unique feel without draining your bank account. Here are four adult birthday party planning tips to get you on the right track. 1. Invitations Once you've chosen the theme you like the most, you need to start by making invitations to let guests know the theme of the party so they can dress accordingly. For example, should they dress formal or wear attire suitable for a day out at the cinema? As a suggestion, you can send online matching invitations to your guests a few days before the party so they can confirm their availability. This is important and will help you stick to a small budget when few guests are attending. 2. Decorations An adult’s birthday decoration varies greatly to that of a child’s. While brightly-colored balloons, confetti and tablecloths are common for children parties, adults usually expect more style. Adult guests are often sophisticated and often most parties have long-tables for side conversations. With the perfect blend of candles, flowers and table linens, it is easy to create a magnificent table for your adult themed party. You should find appropriate table linens to create a stylish table. Find soft fabrics and use multiple overlays or runners for more texture, dimension and color. For instance, if you have a square table, lay two tablecloths of different colors but similar size. Lay the tablecloths on the table in the style of your choice for a unique look. If you have a rectangular table, lay a runner on the table and ensure it is longer at the center of the table. 3. Candy favors il_570xN.475310963_6vaz Chocolate candies can add a remarkable visual element to match your theme. You can add messages to the favors to delight your guests. Simply include their photo, age, or any other creative icon style. For instance, when celebrating a 40th birthday party the best combination can include personalized candies with the ‘’Happy 40th’’ birthday labels. You can also decide to include a guest photo as well as a star icon or birthday cake. Custom candies can really work their own magic at your adult themed party. Distribute favors evenly at the table to bring life to your party. Or if you prefer guests to enjoy a favor as they leave, present them creatively at the exit. Remember to package with care as every detail is as important as having the right cake. 4. Food and beverages il_570xN.561433992_nc78 You need to find food ideas and this will depend on the theme of the party. For instance, you can decide to prepare a formal meal or you can cook a small meal for your guests. Ensure you have plenty of snacks and beverages. You can make an adult themed party more fun by adding personalized beverages to the adult themed party. You can also blend exotic fruits for sophisticated flavors or use floats with bites of flavored ice creams. For a memorable birthday, you should not serve nothing basic – mix, garnish and stir, and let your guests enjoy the drinks in decorative glasses. Alternatively, you can opt to use labeled alcoholic drinks to spice up the party. Ensure you have enough drinks and serve non-alcoholic drinks as well because too many alcoholic drinks could easily sour the mood of the party. When it comes to flavors, the choice is endless. Different flavors can be easily mixed to create something exciting. For instance, you can mix pineapple and lemon juice for an exotic refreshing taste or mix mints with herbal teas. Regardless of your choice, always remember your guests have varied taste preferences. Last but not least, find fun activities you can engage in with the guest to liven up the party. In a nutshell, you should always ensure your guests enjoy themselves. Credits: Adult Birthday Party Ideas