A Tiger Birthday Party


Is your kid's birthday coming up? Well, congrats to the proud parents and the little one. Do you already have a theme in mind or are you open for any fun option? If your child likes wild animals, especially tigers, this is the right theme for you. A tiger birthday party . . . rrrr!!! One would think that tiger party decor is hard to find, but here at iCustomLabel we offer everything you need for your party: candy labels, cupcake toppers, water and drink labels, gift tags, and many more. And you can have all that in tiger colors and themed patterns.

All you need is a bit of imagination when it comes to the right tiger setting. It would be awesome if you could take the party outside since all kids love space and a big playground. Take a big table out in the yard and cover it with orange tablecloth. If you have one stripped in black and orange-even better! Have orange balloons all over the place. You can easily create black stripes on them. You can put a tiger banner above the table and add a few tiger toys to spice up the atmosphere. Here are top tiger treats you will need.

Tiger candies!


We love the design pattern Courtney's parents chose for her cheetah birthday party candy labels. You can design similar ones in themed colors, black and orange. Just think how many labels you are going to need and leave all the rest to our team. Oh, and check out our offer on jar labels. Labeled jars are great for serving candies.

Tiger cupcakes and brownies!


These are actually Halloween brownies (Scream Cheese Brownies) that you see above. But they fit perfectly into the theme. You can find the recipe online and they are so easy to make. Yum. And these s'mores torched cupcakes will simply be the hit of the party. Don't forget to dress them up with tiger cupcake toppers.

Tiger juice!


Rrrr . . . tiger juice! We're not going to lie-it's orange soda. But kids don't need to know that. Just put some stripes on the dispenser and they'll enjoy real tiger drinks. You can also serve orange soda in mini labeled bottles.

safari soda bottle label tiger

Bottled drinks work great with kids. They can keep the drinks beside them while they run and play across the yard. Little tigers will need lots of water as well so be sure there are plenty of water bottles on the table too.

As for the perfect birthday gift-we're thinking a giant tiger toy. Have fun!


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