Baby Month Stickers - Get Personalized Labels for Baby

Baby Shower Baby Month Stickers

From the happy news of baby shower to the birth of your baby to even its growing months, you love to enjoy every moment. These are the days that stuck in your memory forever and you want your loved ones to be by your side. After your baby is born, you have every reason to celebrate by sharing the photos of your cute little chums. For that, iCustomlabel offers you most adorable baby shower baby month stickers to celebrate. You surely will love the idea of creating monthly baby stickers because you could see just how quickly you baby is growing and changing. As a loving parent, you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to celebrate the first 12 months of how your baby’s life goes.

“It’s a boy” no! “It’s a girl”………

Baby shower is one of the sweet events in your life. It marks how successful your parental role is going to be. Soon you are going to be mother and this heavenly feeling is flooding so many emotions in you, while you are waiting impatiently of your baby’s arrival. This is the occasion when your friends and family members are equally excited about how your life is going to change. We at iCustomlabel offer you with charming stickers that say “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl”.

How to create awesome baby month stickers

You can design your own baby month stickers the way you want. If you have an idea already in your mind, it would be much easier to create one. You can start with an outline of the shape that you need. After that you can choose a background theme on which you want to put your chosen shape. Next, decide on a color and pattern and fill your shape. Finally, create your text however you’d like to and add it to your shape. iCustomlabel provides you with a huge variety of shapes, patterns, colors and sizes. Here you are! You have created a baby month sticker for the love of your adorable baby.